Adorned By Chi®
Apparel & Accessories | T-Shirts, Embroidered Patches, Enamel Pins & Vinyl Sticker Design |
Animal Crossing
Influencer Designs | Apparel & Vinyl Stickers
Sugar And Iron
Clothing Brand | Logo & Apparel Design | Sugar And Iron™
Rare® FanShop
All-Over Pattern | Officially Licensed Rare® FanShop Apparel | Design By Humans
The Killustrators
Logo & Website Design |
Super Rare™
Team Branding | Logo Design, Website Design, Social Media Graphics, Team Apparel & Accessories
Fun, Novelty Sock & Pattern Designs for Colorado-based company | 20,000+ positive Amazon reviews |
MapleStory 2
Influencer Designs | Apparel, Vinyl Stickers, Phone Case & Business Cards
Logo Design, Character Design & Website Landing Page Illustration | Kappamon, Virtual Stream Pet
cenofett | Twitch
Full Brand Kit | Logo Design, Style Guide, Website Design & Extra Graphic Elements |
Happy Monstah
Logo Design | Blerd Clothing Brand & Multicultural Manga Series |
Honey & Butter Macarons
Brand Collaboration | Enamel Pins, Vinyl Stickers & Packaging Design | CaptSugarSpice x Honey & Butter Macarons in Irvine, CA.
Alan Lee | Voice Actor
Personal Branding | Logo Design, Website & Business Cards |
CaptSugarSpice | Twitch
Influencer Branding | Character Design, T-Shirt Designs, All-Over Patterns, Vinyl Stickers & Enamel Pins
Character Art
Misc. Character Art, Designs & Patterns
KiwiCo Inc.
Corporate Branding | Character Designs, Comic Illustrations, Craft Project Instructions & Magazine Art | KiwiCo including: Kiwi Crate, Koala Crate, Tinker Crate and Cricket Crate.
Rhymes With Beat
Branding & Apparel | Logo Design, T-Shirt Graphics, Vinyl Stickers, Buttons & Business Cards | Rhymes With Beat
Larray's Loaded Mac™
Logo Design & Color Palette | Delivery-Only Restaurant and Product Concept |
Paper Culture
Greeting Card Design | Eco-Friendly Cards, Invitations & Announcements |
Bobalife USA
All-Over Pattern | Lanyard Design | Bobalife USA
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